We are thrilled to have trueGOD and their team work with us as ministry partners. The expertise, dedication to service, and value they provide makes it easy for me to recommend them. Their expert work on our behalf has helped us quickly expand into new areas of outreach.

We are grateful the Lord brought us together for the service and value they provide.

God puts people and organizations together. In the case of SIBN this is unquestionably true. A little over 5 years ago we established a radio and TV broadcasting web site. At the time we had only land based broadcast experience. Thankfully at our inception we were introduced to trueGOD and Franklin Mayfield. This tremendously talented and patient man along with his organization helped us to build a broadcast network that today has viewers and listeners in 157 countries. We are also ranked in the top 8 of both Internet Christian radio and TV.

It was God’s blessing that made it possible. It was also the services and expertise provided by trueGOD that helped us develop and continues to help us develop. Through innovative ideas, the highest quality services, and great customer care this organization keeps us on the cutting edge daily in today’s Internet broadcasting arena.

Bishop A. D. Chafins
Chairman of the Board
Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network
Greensboro, NC