Your User Submissions and Conduct within trueGODtv

As a trueGODtv account holder you may submit video content (“User Videos”) and textual content (“User Comments”). User Videos and User Comments are collectively referred to as “User Submissions.” You understand that whether or not such User Submissions are published, trueGODtv does not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any User Submissions.

You shall be solely responsible for your own User Submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them. In connection with User Submissions, you affirm, represent, and/or warrant that: you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use and authorize trueGODtv to use all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to any and all User Submissions to enable inclusion and use of the User Submissions in the manner contemplated by the Website and these Terms of Service.

Copyrights, trademarks, logos are owned by their respective parties with or without designated notice posted on our site or within the videos displayed.

Text, audio and video content submitted to trueGODtv is for the purpose of propagating Christian religious speech.  Content submitted to trueGODtv that does not conform to our statement of faith, may be deleted, blocked or restricted without notice at anytime. trueGODtv is not a public accommodation service.

trueGODtv Translation Policies.

trueGOD Television has content in over 100 languages, and the site functionally translates into over 25 languages. We utilize human and machine generated translations in our site to convey the gospel in numerous languages. We have a goal to cover the top 300 languages of the earth, which includes over 90% of earth’s population. Because translations can be very subjective, please forgive us if some of the translations do not convey Jesus Christ in the way that He is worthy of. Our goal is to offer to God excellence. We can and will without notice translate any area of the site or submitted content to any language available, using any system, technology or human service that will give God glory and spread the good news of Christ. Some of the machine translation services used include but are not limited to Google Translate, World Lingo, BabelFish and others. Some of the translations are stored in our databases or in files stored on our servers. We do not have an Opt-out on translation of content.

trueGODtv Policy on Derivative Works.

Unlike many sites like YouTube, GodTube and others, we do not permit Derivative Works in our site. They are a violation of Copyright laws. For more information on what is a Derivative Work, see Wikipedia.

You must first get written permission from the creator of the original work, then cite the original owner as the copyright owner of that part of the product (video) created.

In light of this, uploaded Derivative Works are only available as a Private submission, so you can enjoy your creation, but it will not be publicly available, or embeddable. Sorry.

As stated in the US Copyright law.

Derivative Work Rights

The owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to prepare derivative works based on that copyrighted item under 17 U.S.C.   106(2). US Copyright Office Circular 14: Derivative Works further states that:

Only the owner of copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. The owner is generally the author or someone who has obtained rights from the author.

Thus, one who creates an unauthorized derivative work violates the derivative work right.

Above excerpt is from Wikipedia. (Above text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.)

Product or Service Purchases

All products and services purchased on any of the website properties have specific attributes, features and conditions. Please refer to the product detail concerning each products specific warrantee, or return policy. Unless specified in the details of the product, all sales are final. Services like web development are sold on a contractural basis, and the details concerning cancellation or returns are specified within the contract. trueGOD Television stands behind every product, service produced and is willing to resolve any concern of all customers in any difficulty with a product or service rendered by trueGOD Television Networks.

Notice and Procedure for Notifying Designated Agent of Claims of Copyright Infringement

If you believe that any material on this Web site infringes upon any copyright which you own or control, or that any link on this Web site directs users to another Web site that contains material that infringes upon any copyright which you own or control, you may file a notification of such infringement with our Designated Agent as set forth below. Notifications of claimed copyright infringement must be sent to trueGODtv’s Designated Agent for notice of claims of copyright infringement. Our Designated Agent may be reached as follows:

Designated Agent: Franklin Mayfield

Address of Designated Agent:
P.O. Box 245, Summerfield, FL 34492

Telephone Number of Designated Agent: 404-399-8340
E-mail Address of Designated Agent: