Advanced Live Streaming Services

Advanced Live Streaming Services

Advanced Live Streaming Services

trueGOD Television provides Advanced Live Streaming Services, broadcasting with FCC compliant Closed Captions, on the fly bandwidth optimizations, global Content Delivery Network broadcasting, Auto Device Detecting Player and Cloud Storage. Our Advanced Live Streaming Services broadcast on Mobile Devices, iPhone, iPods, Cell Phones, SmartTVs, Desktop Computers and more.


All Live Streaming includes:

HD or 4K Live Broadcasting
No Ads Ever
Recording of Live Broadcasts
Mobile Compatible Player
SmartTV Compatible Player
24/7 Live Event Phone Support
9am – 9pm EST General Support
Social Integration
Extensive Options for Live Broadcasts
Unlimited VOD Upload
Auto Detecting Embed Player
API for Complete Player Control
WebApp for Mobile
Sharing Tools Built in
Customizable Info in player
Donation Link
App Embeddable
Tracking & Analytics
Facebook Live Broadcasting
Radio Player Option
360° VR Streaming
Unlimited Concurrent Connections
Unlimited Viewers
Church Online Compatible

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