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Internet TV

Internet TV

It’s part of our name.  It’s what we know. It’s what we do.  At trueGOD Television, we believe there should be many more Christian internet TV broadcasters reaching the nations with the good news of the Gospel, and we have made it our business to assist ministries, Christian TV stations and churches that are ready for next level, global reach and impact through internet TV.  There are a number of ways you can do this:

  1. You can purchase a channel from us. (We have 120+ channels on our platform.)
  2. We can build a custom station or platform independent of ours.  (Based on your Vision, Commitment and Investment.)
  3. You can white label our channels, onto your own site. (Some of our customers operate several TV channels, sub-channels, and radio channels using our platform. Their members don’t know or care; they just enjoy quality Christian broadcasting.)

We have provided Internet TV broadcasting for TV Networks for over five years, so we understand the unique needs and requirements for FCC compliant internet broadcasting. We even work with your existing inventory with color bars, commercials, and rough cuts. Our system non-destructively broadcasts your content; skipping bars and commercials as needed. We can also insert (pre, post, and mid roll) commercials. In addition, we are equipped to handle Ad Pods (commercial blocks) just like regular TV – all using a dedicated ad server network or your ad network.

trueGOD Television will make your venture into internet television or radio a smooth transition, and your vision of internet broadcasting a reality.  Let’s talk:

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